Perfect Repair Services

As İsd Makina, we provide perfect repair services to your industrial equipment. Repair service of malfunctioning equipment is carried out with quality materials and expert engineers. Therefore, the choice of the company is very important in this service. Isd Makina offers professional services with the right equipment in the repair services of our industrial equipment.

Industrial Valve Repair

When industrial valves fail, it is necessary to provide repair service on site or in the workshop. Our expert engineers come first and detect the fault on site. Faults that can be repaired on-site are instantly repaired and reworked. If there are major faults, we bring them to our workshop and solve them.

Drum (Drum) Repair Service

Our expert engineers produce professional solutions for you in drum (drum) unit failures. Our company employees, who always have the necessary equipment with them in case of drum (drum) failures, complete the repair services on site.

High Pressure Hot Water Pump Repair

High pressure hot water pump failure is a very bad situation. Immediate intervention is necessary to avoid bigger problems. In addition, repair service should be performed by expert engineers. Isd machine company offers you professional repair service.

All Pump Groups Repair Services

We offer the most reliable repair service for all pump types. If you do not know how to intervene in pump failures, you may create bigger problems afterwards. That’s why you should get repair service from specialist companies. Our company is one of the leading companies in the region in pump repair service.

Valve And Breakers Repair

When the valves and breakers that control the fluids while moving in the pipe fail, the intervention should be done by expert teams. Our company is one of the most successful companies in valve and breaker repair. It provides you with reliable service on site.

Gearbox Repair

If the gearboxes, which are an important part in the operation of the motors, break down, our expert engineers immediately intervene and perform the repair service. With quality workmanship and perfect service, İsd Makina is always with you.

Piston Repair

Actually, when the pistons, which are an important part of the machines, break down, the whole system breaks down, so repair services should be done very quickly. Therefore, our expert engineers provide repair services in a short time with the necessary equipment and immediate intervention.

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